There are numerous sources for becoming better organized or managing your time more efficiently. The bottom line is finding what works for you!

For me, I’ve found a number of tools working in parallel to provide my best results. The foundation of this is something called bullet journaling. It is a combination of self-organization, time management, record keeping, and mental wellness, all wrapped into one. If you’ve never heard of this style of journaling, one only needs to search for “bullet journal” to realize it is a vast space that goes from very minimalistic to full-blown artistic masterpieces. The key is the flexibility to allow oneself to find what works for them.

The bullet journal method was created by a gentleman named Carrol Ryder. He even published a book on the topic called, you guessed it, “The Bullet Journal Method”. If you are a fan of YouTube, you can also find videos from Carrol Ryder and the legions of bullet journal fans. It can be overwhelming, but as originally stated, the idea is to use trial and error to find what works for you.

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Many people have taken this method digital, but it only took one prolonged power outage for me to realize the old paper back-up still had a role in my life.

The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the  Future: Carroll, Ryder: 9780525533337: Books

The BABOK describes this underlying competency as “the ability to prioritize tasks, perform them efficiently, and manage time effectively”. With techniques like the Alastair Method for tasks lists, and Time Blocking to show me how I’m visually spending my time (If you never spend time on task A, why would you be surprised that A never gets done!), I’ve been able to maximize my overall productivity. Combine that with online calendars that I share with key clients, so they can always know when they can book time with me, and keeping a view on deadlines and deliverables, allows me to be quite the multi-tasker.


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