The IIBA’s BABOK describes Underlying Competencies as the “knowledge, skills, behaviours, characteristics, and personal qualities that help one successfully perform the role of the business analyst”. While not unique to BA’s, these competencies are a common element and the desired attributes for successful Business Analysts.

This “Real Life Series” is going to look at these competencies and show how you can gain confidence in these skills through real life applications. The goal is to have you take these examples and see how there are parallels or opportunities in your life to be able to gain confidence that you too, have these skills in abundance.

The BABOK has six categories of Underlying Competencies. They are Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving, Behavioural Characteristics, Business Knowledge, Communication Skills, Interaction Skills, and Tools and Technology. Each of these categories has a number of competency skills.

Over the coming days and weeks, we’ll explore these skills, apply real world examples, and give you some options and opportunities to practice your skills. I’ll also include some recommendations for additional reading on some of them to give you the option of challenging your thinking going forward. I hope you will join me for these posts and please share your experiences and ideas here too. I won’t address these in the order of the BABOK, but mix and match. After all, the saying “variety is the spice of life” has some truth to it.

The first one, in the next blog post, will be my take on the Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving competency of “Learning”.


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