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Business Analysis for Me is a place to discover how Business Analysis techniques can help you improve what is important to YOU.  Whether you are looking to strengthen your business, or improve how you approach your personal ambitions and goals, BA4Me is here to help you get more of what you want.

Our expertise in Business Analysis, or methodologies like Lean Six Sigma, Business Relationship Management, or Project Management, help gain laser focus on where you are and the direction in which to move forward.

The Team

Helen Racette, P.Eng. CBAP, BRMP, P2P

Helen Racette, P.Eng. CBAP, BRMP, P2P

Helen is experienced in project management and business analysis in both private and public sectors. She specializes in bringing the best out of her stakeholders to produce strategic and workable solutions in a collaborative, agile manner. Her engineering training allows her to bridge the divide we sometimes have between technical and non-technical teams.


Underlying Competencies – Real Life Series

This "Real Life Series" is going to look at these competencies and show how you can gain confidence in these skills through real life applications. The goal is to have you take these examples and see how there are parallels or opportunities in your life to be able to gain confidence that you too, have these skills in abundance.

Welcome 2021!

January 1st is a time when many will create lists of New Year’s Resolutions. I like to put my Business Analyst hat on and look at what will motivate me for the coming year. I Read more…

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